User-friendly SCL Webtool

The SCL Webtool is a useful tool for companies. The online environment makes it possible to carry out a self-assessment as part of the certification process. The SAQ report, plan of action, statement and the GAP report can both be placed in a file within the web tool. You as a user can give third parties, for example an auditor, access to these documents.

More user-friendly

For an even more user-friendly experience, a number of updates have been made:

  1. The questionnaire has been rewritten so that everyone understands it.
  2. For non-performing organisations, explanatory notes have been added. This way, architects, engineering firms and consultants can translate the questions to their own situation.
  3. Some questions were given a general explanation to make them easier to interpret.
  4. Several web pages have been updated. For example, tips have been added for administrators on how the questionnaires can be used effectively within the company.
  5. PDFs of the questionnaires are available free of charge for subscribers. They are intended for internal use and consultation.

Go to the SCL Webtool.

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