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Seminar Safety Culture Ladder

Safety Culture Ladder is going to be an obligation in many tenders and contracts in branches such as construction, energy and the railway. The railway and energy companies have been familiar with the Safety Culture Ladder for several years now.

As of january 1st 2022 subscribers of the Governance Code in Construction will make the Safety Culture Ladder mandaroty in tenders. As of that date the ViA will start with making level 2 mandatory in tenders and subscribers will need to be certified. As of january 1st 2024 at least level 3 is required.

Safety Culture Ladder
During the seminar we will inform you about:
What is Safety Culture Ladder?
How goes a Safety Culture Ladder audit?
Which Safety Culture Ladder products are available?
Which product is useful for my company?
Implementing Safety Culture Ladder and possible traps.
Attention! The seminar is completely in Dutch.
Paul van Daal or Taco Buissant des Armorie (both lead auditor at NCI Certification) and a company we already have certified will make you acquainted with the Safety Culture Ladder in an interactive way. During the seminar and afterwards you have the opportunity to ask questions. This seminar offers you the chance to get insights in the Safety Culture Ladder.
Limited number of spaces
Because we would like to keep the seminar interactive with enough time to answer questions, we can only offer 50 people the chance to join us.

  • Tuesday 8th of February 2022– 1 to 5 pm. – Restaurant Zuiver in Utrecht. Location is easy to reach and parking is free. Completely Dutch spoken.
  • Wednesday 22th of June 2022 – 1 to 5 pm. – Restaurant Zuiver in Utrecht. Location is easy to reach and parking is free. Completely Dutch spoken.


€49.95 p.p. (excl. VAT).

Free webinar Approved Self Assessment

Monday May 9th online

Just as our customers we, as a certifying body, need to meet all the requirements set by our customers. Getting the Approved Self Assessment declaration is part of that.


Using the results of the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), we have made a GAP analysis and drawn up an action plan. We understand that all these terms may not mean much to you yet. Therefore, we would like to share our experiences with the ASA and the SAQ in an interactive online webinar.

Ralph Simons (lead auditor at NCI Certification) and Astrid Plettenburg-Sperling (certification manager at NCI Certification) will take over the presentation and answer all your questions.

Time: 2 to 5 pm.

Costs: Free.

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