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NCI Certification extends 6000th certificate!

On Friday the 19th of november NCI Certification handed out their 6000th certificate to Storm Firefighting Support International in Oostvoorne. Hanneke de Vries, CEO of NCI Certification issued this certificate to SFS CEO Maarten Storm. Storm Firefighting Support International is a service provider and proveds industries and governments with equipment regarding fire safety. They supply fire fighting equipment such as fire pumps, give advice to incident response teams and provide safety training. This SCC certificate proves they work safely and healthy every day.


“Not even 1,5 years ago we issued our 5000th certificate. We could only dream we would reach 6000 so fast. It’s an incredible achievement that makes us very proud”, says Hanneke de Vries. “What makes it extra special is the fact this certificate is for our ‘neighbour’. Storm enthusiastically adds: “To us it is so much more than a certifate. Not only do we want to comply with the expectations, we ourselfs want to work safely and resposibly. This 6000th certificate is the cherry on top of the cake.”


NCI Certification has been an independent and professional certifier of various management systems for almost 20 years. We certify as it should be and place the to be checked standard in the correct perspective. Reliability and transparency are very important to us. NCI Certification has been acrredited for certifying management systems such as SCC, SCT, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and the CO2 Performance Ladder. We certify the Safety Culture Ladder as well.


NCI Certification isssues 6000th certificate!

NCI Certification obtains Approved Self Assessment

For a moment the roles where reversed. Normally we conduct the audits, now we were audited. Just as our clients we as a certifying organisation need to comply with the demands of your clients if we want to qualify for a tender. Passing the Approved Self Assessement (ASA) was one of them. We can now proudly say we passed with flying colours.


It is our mission to create world in which people work on improving safety, healty, quality, sustainability and the environment. We can achieve this by auditing our customers but also by looking at ourselfs. Are we on the right track or are there still thing to improve? 52 employees filled in the Self Assessment Questionnaire en thereby gave us the answer to those questions.


We can now actively and enthusiastically proceed with the plan of action and the GAP analysis we made as a result of the Approved Self Assessment. It might sound like ‘I am Hanneke de Vries and I approve this message’ we we really reccomend the ASA. It is like looking in the mirror. It gives you the opportunity to lift up your safety and health culture.


Is your company ready to pick up the mirror or do you have any questions? We are happy to help you. You can find more information on our website or contact us.


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SCI Netherlands stops; NCI Certification offers acquisition of the certificates

Because of changes in the branche and cooperation with Socotec Certification UK Ltd SCI Netherlands has decided to cease all their activities from January 1st 2022. NCI Certification and SCI Netherlands have a similar work method. SCI Nethersland therefore thinks NCI Certification is the perfect transparant and practical partner to take over the current certifications.


In the period to come NCI Certification will provide the customers of SCI Netherlands with non-binding offers. After agreeing with a new agreement, NCI Certification takes over the certification and they will carry out the already planned audit. The already known and planned auditors of SCI are used as much as possible.

NCI Certification still enthusiastic about Safety Culture ladder

From day one NCI Certification has been involved in setting up the Safety Culture Ladder. It therefore is no surprise we are regularly asked to share our knowledge with others. In the most recent study case of the Governance Code NCI Certification CEO Hanneke de Vries shares her experiences.

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NCI Certification opens an office in Germany

It’s time! NCI Certification has opened its first foreign office in Düsseldorf, Germany!

Just as in the Netherlands, we will certify organisations in Germany in a personal, committed and transparent way! Our team has therefore been expanded with German speaking (native) auditors and office staff.

We are very proud of this great step in the internationalisation of NCI Certification. We grow not only in the Netherlands, but also beyond!

Contact details Germany

NCI Zertifizierung | Alt-Heerdt 104 40549 Düsseldorf Germany
+49 (0)211-63552452 | info@nci-zertifizierung.de | www.nci-zertifizierung.de

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