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NCI Certification congratulates Voet Verhuur with their ISO 27001 certificate

The rental of aggregates, battery packs and transformer stations doesn’t immediately make you think about ISO 27001 and data security. Because quality and service matter to Voet Energy Solutions, they invested in this certification. John and Rick Voet accepted the certificate proudly.

Their auditor is positive as well: “By giving attention to ISO 27001 Voet Verhuur took some measurements that prepares them for the risk of hostile software. Not much later they even had to deal with such issue.” The implementation of the ISMS is also being praised. “The company took up to 2 years to implement the ISMS, allowing it to get used to the culture and pace of the company”, says the auditor. Not only internally, but also externally Voet Verhuur benefits from ISO 27001. According to the auditor, by digging deeper into this standard they are better aware of the risks involded in information protection and can communicate better with their software suppliers.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is an international standard that describes how to handle the security of information. With this management system for information security (ISO 27001) you show that you handle the information within your organisation responsibly and with integrity.

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ISO 27001 change

ISO 27001

Securing private data has never been more important. You, your customers and other stakeholders do not want your personal data to end up on the street due to a data leak or hack, for example.

ISO 27001 for your company

ISO 27001 is an international standard that describes how you can deal with securing information. It demonstrates responsibility and integrity in areas such as data protection. Is ISO 27001 only for large companies? No, this certification is for all organisations that deal with the process of personal data.

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Change of management measures

After eight years, the ISO 27002 standard is being modernised. ISO 27002 is the part of the ISO 27001 standard that contains the management measures related to information security. The content of these measures will change, which means that 96 of the current 114 will remain. ISO 27001 only changes because of the links to ISO 27002 in annex A.

The new version will not be implemented immediately, but will have a transition period of three years. The revised version will be published between Q4 2021 and Q1 2022. We will inform you as soon as the publication date is known.

We understand that you may have questions. To answer them, we will organise a webinar in the first half of 2022. More information will follow.