Safety Culture Ladder | Changes

Level restriction for Safety Culture Ladder products

NEN has decided to introduce a level restriction for certain Safety Culture Ladder products. As a result, not all products can be used for assessment on all levels.

Handbook SCL version 4.0

A new version of the SCL 4.0 manual has been published on the NEN website. This incorporates the ‘loose documents’ (which were previously listed separately) including, for example, audits with offshore in the scope.


ViA implementation date remains 1 January 2022 despite COVID-19 lockdown

Despite COVID-19, the implementation date of ViA remains January 1, 2022. This decision was taken because the work in the construction industry is not at a standstill. In addition, NEN has instituted a temporary measure that allows ‘remote audits’ to be carried out in respect of office functions.

Bericht ViA

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