Report an incident

Report an incident

As a SCC 2017/6.0 and/or ISO 45001 certified company your are obliged to notify the certification institute when an incident or violation of law and rules has occured in which autorities as well have been notified. Was NCI Certification your certification institute? Then you can fill in the following form. If necesary, we will contact you.

Why report an incident?

17021-1:2015 is the standard for auditing and certifying management systems. Addition IAF-MD22:2018 is about auditing and certifying health and safety management systems such as SCC and ISO 45001. One of the additions concerns reporting incidents. You, as a certified organisation, are obliged to report us about every incident or every violation of the law in which you are involved or should be involved.

Depending on the severity of the incident, NCI Certification will provide an additional audit. The purpose of this additional audit is to investigate if the management system has not been compromised and if it is still up and running efficiently. The outcome of such investigation may affect the status of your certificate. Based on the results NCI Certification will decide what to do and if measures, including suspension or withdrawel are necassary.

Important! Auditors are no law enforcement officers. However, they can perform an audit to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. This also is expected from the MD22-addition.

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