NCI Certification obtains Approved Self Assessment

For a moment the roles where reversed. Normally we conduct the audits, now we were audited. Just as our clients we as a certifying organisation need to comply with the demands of your clients if we want to qualify for a tender. Passing the Approved Self Assessement (ASA) was one of them. We can now proudly say we passed with flying colours.


It is our mission to create world in which people work on improving safety, healty, quality, sustainability and the environment. We can achieve this by auditing our customers but also by looking at ourselfs. Are we on the right track or are there still thing to improve? 52 employees filled in the Self Assessment Questionnaire en thereby gave us the answer to those questions.


We can now actively and enthusiastically proceed with the plan of action and the GAP analysis we made as a result of the Approved Self Assessment. It might sound like ‘I am Hanneke de Vries and I approve this message’ we we really reccomend the ASA. It is like looking in the mirror. It gives you the opportunity to lift up your safety and health culture.


Is your company ready to pick up the mirror or do you have any questions? We are happy to help you. You can find more information on our website or contact us.