Question and answer

  • Why certify your company?

    Clients demand that their subcontractors and suppliers take and can show their responsibility regarding the quality and safety of their services and products. This can be proven if those organisations obtain en maintain their certification. Organizations working on quality, environment and/or health and safety can therefore improve their working methods structuraly. This can lead to a more effective and efficient business operation.

  • Why NCI Certification?

    Audits are generally experienced as something that needs to be done. We turn dull audits into a positive experience that could lead to awareness regarding safety, quality and the environment. NCI Certification is the number one institute. We are enthusiastic and personal. We can prove that your company takes safety, quality and health serious.

  • Which standards can we certify?

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 45001
    • ISO 14001
    • ISO 27001
    • SCT
    • SCC
    • Safety Culture Ladder

    Do you want to get certified for another standard? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are always open to expanding our services, if possible.

  • What if we cannot find the standard we want certified?

    NCI Certification is continuously working on expanding the services. Are you looking for a standard but cannot you find it? Feel free to contact us to talk about the possibilities.

Frequently asked questions about the Coronavirus
We understand the whole situation about the coronavirus can be confusing. Is my audit taking place? Can we still obtain a certificate? Find your answer on this page. Can not find the answer to your question? Call or email us!
  • An audit is going to take place soon. Is it still planned?

    Yes, your audit can still take place. Your auditor will contact you at least two weeks before the audit so the course of events can be discussed. This way the audit is conducted as safe and responsible as possible. We only visit projects and companies if the health measures allow it. Either customer and auditor need to feel safe.

    When an audit cannot be held on location due to absence of health measures, your company is closed due to the coronavirus or when a coronacontamination is detected, it is possible to audit remote or to reschedule.

    Attention! Remote auditing is allowed for office employees for a Safety Culture Ladder certification. When the COVID-19 measures no longer apply, the office is visited at the next follow-up audit (also SCL Light Year 2).

  • My certificate will be invalid soon. What to do?

    Together we will plan the audit and we will agree on the safest way to execute the audit. It is still possible to audit and visit projects on site. Of course we always follow all the existing hygene rules and both client as well as the auditor need to feel safe and agree upon it.

  • When will we be contacted?

    Your auditor will contact you at least two weeks before the audit. He/she will talk to you about how the audit is going to take place. Audits on site are possible but it is also possible to turn it into a remote audit. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • We have had a remote audit but a project visit still has to take place. When will this happen?

    If a visit on site is not possible at this moment, your auditor will contact you to reschedule. We plan to do this as soon as possible after the remote part of your audit.

  • What can we expect of a remote audit?

    First of all the auditor will contact you to discuss the plan of action regarding the documents he/she will need and how the interviews will be scheduled. The auditor receives the required documents or you provide him with access to your digital system.
    The auditor will interview the selected employees (remotely) and at the end of the audit the auditor gives you his/her feedback and will plan the project visit(s) with you.

  • Which documents do I need to provide before a remote audit?

    This varies per standard. Your auditor will send you a list of needed documents. Think about an up to date registry from the Chamber of Commerce, board evalution, incompany audit report, organisation chart and a handbook with all procedures and forms. You can send them to us or you can give us access to your digital systems.

  • When will you plan the project visit?

    Auditors will contact you about two weeks before the audit takes place to discuss how the audit will take place. If the remote audit already has taken place and all that is left is the project visit, our auditor will contact you as soon as possible to plan the on site visit.

    Considering the health and hygene rules, project visits may be conducted. If your audit happened remotely and all that remains is a project visit, your auditor will contact you as soon as possible to schedule it.

  • If the audit is rescheduled, will my certificate still be valid?

    When we reschedule, we apply the current guidelines to maintain the validity of your certificate.

  • When we have rescheduled our audit and all measures are lifted, is it possible to forward the date?

    Yes, this is possible. We always do this in agreement with you. We will contact you.

  • How do you deal with project visits?

    As of november 16th 2021 most audits are carried out remotely. Project visits may take place but only when all location- and hygiene measures are met. When you have finished your remote audit and all that is left is a project visit, your auditor will contact you as soon as possible to schedule this visit.

  • I have project locations abroad. Can these be visited?

    This depends on the measures in that country. Please contact us for more information.

  • Can my certificate be suspended or withdrawn?

    Off course we will do all we can to prevent this. If we cannot contact you as an organisation, we will have to follow the formal procedure voor suspension and withdrawal. Do not worry, we always try to contact you multiple times by both pohne and email during a longer period.

    When you work on location (for example a production hall or at a clients location) a project visit is allways part of the audit. After a positive verdict of the remote audit we will issue a statement that your working on your certification. When the project visit gets a green light, we will issue the certificate.

  • We/our client want(s) us to start with the certification process. When can we be audited?

    An audit can take place as soon as possible. We will agree on how the audit can be conducted as safe and healthy as the measures describe. When both the (remote) audit and project visit are concluded positively, then we will issue the certificate.

  • Could we get a statement that we are working on the certification?

    Off course! You can use your confirmation letter as a statement. If your certificate is near its validation date, then you can use your written confirmation of postponement as a statement.

  • Do we need an assessment of the RI&E after a addition regarding Covid-19 has been made?

    An addition to your RI&E regarding Corona is similar to a normal addition. It must have been added by social partners to a branche RI&E and it must have been reported to If that is the case an assessment by a certified professional is not necessary.

  • How does NCI Certification deal with the coronavirus?

    Health and safety are our number one priority. That is why we follow all rules set up by our government and RIVM (Research for man and environment). Just like all organisations we try to be creative. We are trying to keep up our services the best we can so you there will not be any issues for you.

    In addition we try to inform our customers as soon as possible. We follow every development. However, we notice the information is coming to you from every angle. That’s why we have created this page so you can find your answers.

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