Certified companies

By filling in a company name and location you can check the database for certified companies. Our database contains all current, expired and revoked certificates by NCI Certification.
Issued certificates
Are you looking for a certificate, but are you unable to find it? All certified companies are registered at the designated websites. Companies with a legal certification can be found on:
Certified companies
Could not find the certificate?
When you cannot find the certificate it is possible:
The company is certified by another Certification Institute.
The certification process has yet to be finished. The certificate has not been provided or registered.
The client is misusing the certificate and/or logo.

If you have any questions about a certificate or certified company, feel free to contact us at +31 (0)181 481949 or info@nci-certificering.nl.

Companies who abuse the NCI Certificate and/or logo:
Janssen-Baggen Elektro B.V.
Bouwonderneming Bakker & De Vries

Have you come across a company that is misusing the logo and/or certification? Please report them to us. Thanks in advance!

Do you have questions about a certificate or certified company?