NCI Certification

Certifier of multiple management systems

We make difficult easy and inspiring.

NCI Certification

Personal, open and involved: that is what we stand for. We are independent, professional and neutral. We make audits a pleasant experience. We can certify SCT, SCC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and the CO₂ Performance Ladder as well as Safety Culture Ladder.

Here you can find all information about every single on of our standards.

What makes auditing by NCI Certification so different?

At NCI Certification it is all about the ambience, the personal aspect and involvement to reach the goal together. With a certificate your business can show its responsibility regarding safety, quality, health and/or the environment. It does not matter how big your business is. Our auditors know how to put the standard in perspective.

A certificate is something to be proud of. It is not just a powerful way of communication towards your customers. It can also result in benefits such as understanding your own processes, the possibility of gaining new and/or more customers and assignments and a chance of saving money.

At NCI Certification you know what you get
No sneaky conditions, no unannounced prolongation of contracts.
We have a practical and pragmatic work ethic, but with a casual flair and personal touch in everything we do
Are you proud of your certificate? Then we are proud of you!
Independent, professional and reliable.
We use our experience and knowledge to represent the market in a number of boards.
Our headquarters are based in The Netherlands, but we also have a location in Germany. And we certify all around Europe.

NCI Certification and CvWO

Independence is our key words. We avoid any conflict of interest and guarantee the objectivity of our certification activities at all times. The Dutch Commissie voor Waarborging Onpartijdigheid (CvWO) ensures our independence. The commission of NCI Certification exists of delegates from Saver and the province of Gelderland. Notifications can be send to

Hanneke de Vries

My name is Hanneke de Vries. I am extemely proud of what me and my team have achieved. We started this challenge in 2002. We want to execute audits in a way that our customers experience them as pleasant and educational. Right now, audits are seen as something that must happen. Our mission? Make audits a positive experience!