A certificate from NCI Certification is something to be proud of. It is a way of showing your responsibility regarding safety, health, quality and/or the environment. The certification trajectory gives you the opportunity to get new insights in your own processes. This might attract new or more customers and/or assignments.

NCI Certification

NCI Certification is an independent and professional organisation. From ISO 9001 up to Safety Culture Ladder; we certify all kinds of standards.

We are all about transparency, personal contact and involvement. That’s how we make an audit an inspiring experience and how we achieve the goal! home page


A couple of companies certified by us

NCI Certification certifies SME’s as well as multinationals in terms of safety, health, quality and environmental management. More and more companies know how to find us and are proud to carry the sign that proofs their accomplishment. home page

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Do you recognise that? Because of the great number of standards and certificates it is hard to keep track of what is what. We are happy to make everything clear and think along, to plan it all as efficient as possible.

Personal contact is the key to success!

Leonie Mellema
I am Leonie Mellema and since 2015 I have been working at NCI Certification. Personal conversations are the key to understanding that keeping an overview can be difficult sometimes. When does the audit for which standard and/or businessunit take place? We are happy to help you with that!
Hanneke de Vries
My name is Hanneke de Vries. I am extemely proud of what me and my team have achieved. We started this challenge in 2002. We want to execute audits in a way that our customers experience them as pleasant and educational. Right now, audits are seen as something that must happen. Our mission? Make audits a positive experience!

Certification by NCI Certification

NCI Certification is accredited for certifying management systems like SCT, SCC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001. In addition we certify a number of other standards that are not managed by the Dutch Raad voor Accreditatie such as the Safety Culture Ladder. Stagnation is decline, so we continuously keep expanding with new services. Our newest addition is the CO₂ Performance Ladder.

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Certification trajectory
Step one of the certification trajectory is the first contact. We love to explain the rest of the process to you.
About NCI Certification
We can certify SCT, SCC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001 as well as the Safety Culture Ladder.
Do you have any questions, suggestions and/or comments? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

New certifications

Business name
RBC Group B.V. met de werkmaatschappijen RBC IMV B.V., RBC Brandbeveiliging Nederland B.V., RBC Special Services B.V. en RBC België
Validity date
18 augustus 2026
Business name
Wego Project Services B.V.
Validity date
3 oktober 2026
Business name
FUES Beheer B.V.
Validity date
27 augustus 2026
Business name
FUES Beheer B.V.
Validity date
27 augustus 2026
Business name
Hets B.V.
Validity date
14 oktober 2026
Business name
Van Zanten Bouw B.V.
Validity date
19 oktober 2026


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
ISO 27001
Safety Culture Ladder
CO₂ Performance Ladder

SCC Certificate

Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Checklist for Contractors
Safety management system
For high-risk activities

SCT Certificate

Safety and Health (SH) Checklist for Temporary Workers
Managing processes
Optimising processes

ISO 9001 Certificate

Quality management system
Understand and control your business processes
Internationally recognised

ISO 14001 Certificate

Environmental Management System
Develop and ensure an appropriate environmental policy
Internationally recognised

ISO 45001 Certificate

Occupational health and safety management system
Reduce or prevent hazards and risks
Internationally recognised

ISO 27001 Certificate

Information security management system
Securing (digital) information
Internationally recognised

Safety Culture Ladder Certificate

Measuring safety and health awareness
No documentation audit, but interviews with employees
NCI Certification is the market leader

CO₂ Performance Ladder Certificate

Management system
Reducing CO₂ emissions
Saving energy and costs